We build films

The creation of a film is an exercise in craftsmanship. Structure, rhythm, light and sound are the building blocks of our work, and our goal is to allow spatial content to be experienced.Our aim is to understand historical connections in urban contexts, to reveal a building's transformation or to tell a story in which the main character is the property itself. The subject of our films is the built environment.


NeXenio Workspace

Dynamic work in a flexible office landscape.

Theater Wolfsburg

As if capturing a living organism, this film presents a truly unique building designed by Hans Scharoun. The film was produced in collaboration with the Forum Architektur of the City Wolfsburg and the Theater Wolfsburg.

ID&A immobilien

Presentation of the property developers.

The Olympic Village Berlin

Cinematic Documentary about the abandoned Olympic Village in Berlin. The film has been shown internationally including the Architecture Film Festival in Rotterdam.

Hertzog, A Historic Jewel

A cinematic introduction to the current development of Berlin's historic department store.

Warenhaus Rudolph Hertzog

Visual inventory of the building that was formerly Berlin's largest department store before restoration work began.

Concept Development

We are architects and filmmakers who work alongside our clients to actualize their ideas. Creativity and time management are the main features of our production design process.


Our team utilises the latest technology, both on the ground and in the air, in order to accurately capture each space's unique atmosphere.


Programmers, graphic designers and visual artists are part of our post-production team to ensure final products of the highest quality.


We work with composers, musicians and sound engineers to produce customised sound for all of our projects.